Parts of Speech

ARTICLES: the, an an.

SUBSTANTIVES: day, midday, platform, S, bus, Parc, Monceau, man, neck, hat, cord, ribbon, neighbour, toes, time, passenger, argument, seat, hours, front, gare, Saint, Lazare, conversation, friend, opening, overcoat, tailor, button, little.

ADJECTIVES: aforesaid, back, competent, encircled, engrossed, every, free, long, one, plaited, some.

VERBS: to notice, to wear, to start, to interpellate, to claim, to tread, to get, to abandon, to go, to throw, to see, to tell, to reduce, to get, to raise.

PRONOUNS: I, he, his, him, himself, who.

ADVERBS: near, very, instead, suddenly, purposely, in, out, quickly, later, again.

PREPOSITIONS: about, on, of, with, by, down, in.

CONJUNCTIONS: that, or, but, and.

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